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Very nice template for WordPress. Directory of articles and links in the style of the world famous catalog

If you want to create the white catalog of articles and links on the similarity of the catalog go here!

Example working directory here
Possible topics Articles_Directory mail

1. The theme is designed to provide a directory of articles and links

2. Thread in Russian.

3. It is possible to order completion design

4. Subject SEO oprimizirovana:

- Title is formed depending on the content,

- Set the output label and perelinkovka: the page displays lists of other pages

records are displayed in the pages of "Tags of this record" and "Additional Articles."

5. In the subject there are additional files for output:

- Copyright page (author.php),

- Sitemap

- A list of authors and

- Cloud tags.

7. The theme supports widgets.

8. Intrasite statistics:

- In the sidebar topics set the output dynamic number of articles and the number of registered authors.

- On the pages of subtopics shows the number of articles in the sub-heading.

- On the copyright page and the pages of records - the number of published articles of the author.

- In the search results for the site - the amount found on-demand publications.

9. In the sidebar working dynamic tab displays:

- Site News,

- Recent publications

- The most popular and

- Random articles.

12.Vyvod advertising banners made saytbare at the top of the home page

in the footer as well as in the post

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