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In the story the children´s writer Jacob Yershov told about rural children, their interest in nature and native land, of friendship, of love poetry and tales. For primary and secondary school age.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... On the eve of the day when we decided to escape from the Bear home, he took a major nuisance in a lesson of mathematics. Our homeroom teacher Anna Nikitichna explain how to extract the square root. The class was noisy and had to repeat several times the same thing. And this, at least one take, so unpleasant. I do not like when I do not listen. And here also, sin, Bear pulled out from the party book about the famous traveler Przewalski, and Maclay (he has a lesson to me about them all ears buzzed), took out a book by it to the put a map and began to drive his finger at her, looking Karakol city ... "Download: Jacob Ershov, Cranes over the school.
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