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As practice shows, the majority of future web-masters begin placing their websites on the internet with free hosting. It's natural - people can not predict, like it or not this activity, so why spend the extra money? Particularly relevant question of money for you and me!

But there is one small problem - hosting the outcome is not so free. When signing the user agreement it is that the hoster put a banner on your site. Or even two - for example, the 468x60 banner and the text block. And "pile up" has a pop-up window. It is understood, of course, that the ball is ruled not by us but for free and vinegar is sweet, but what if we do not want to see such "delicacies" on the pages? I do not support, in general, not quite legal methods, but if the money for paid hosting you will not have enough, then my advice would be very helpful.

How do I remove the banner from the hosting ( and, etc.), and you learn by spending only 15 cents ...
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