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Trading Strategy Forex LSFA BS (Banking system) 2018.

TS LSFA BS (Banking system) 2018 - strategy for a new generation, which allows to use a good market potential of a set of several crosses. TC is based on the work of banks. The strategy revealed a secret system of bank trading. There is no need to use any complex indicators, CC, etc.

In vehicles specified information with a full description of graphs. This information you will not find anywhere else. This is really the secret of successful trading. TC can apply any trader with any initial level of training.

- Including a major update for 2012-18, the

- Ability to support open positions.

- No need to constantly monitor the schedules.

- Flexible money management MM.

- Ability to set the maximum profit while decreasing the stop-loss.

- TF: M15, M30.

- Blue Cross and pairs: EUR / JPY, AUD / JPY, CAD / JPY, NZD / JPY, CHF / JPY, USD / JPY, GBP / JPY, GBP / USD.

Recommended DC for testing and the use of strategies for trading:

and other.

As a result, all implemented improvements compared to the previous version of 2014, the results of trade have become more profitable and stable!


Online 2-week consultation on ICQ and E-mail, point of open positions, etc., for those who bought strategy!

Result trade several students:

Good luck with your trading!

Kind regards,


Vladimir A.

© Trading Strategy Forex LSFA BS (Banking system).
Resale of this product is prohibited. Everyone is welcome to take a course. The trainings include TC LSFA, LSFA BS 2018 v3 and CHL. Duration of training: 2 weeks. Tuition fee: 230 USD. Next is consulting support, support.

22.06.2018 10:43:54
ОК. Профитная торговая система. Мои рекомендации. С ув. Геннадий
15.04.2018 18:56:59
Протестировал, стратегия рабочая, очень прибыльная. Спасибо!
21.02.2018 7:18:50
Nice & Easy. Brilliant thanks. Strategy works perfectly. A++++++++++++
12.12.2016 20:09:03
С-П-А-С-И-Б-О!!!!!!!! УРА!!!!!! Я довольна, что наконец купила!!! Убедилась точно, что стратегия, действительно, прибыльная и простая :)
Оксана, г. Новосибирск.
16.09.2016 16:09:31
Привет, всем! Моя оценка - отлично. Протестировал. Система очень эффективная. Рекомендую.

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