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A simple and efficient method allows to gain weight 200g. per day or 5-7kg. month.

It was developed with the help of a doctor endocrinologist recipe, balanced in a single complex of several food products of natural origin which are prepared in a conventional blender and consumed in liquid form. You buy the products themselves and prepare a cocktail for instructions.

It clearly defined proportions of each ingredient, the established timeframe and the amount of daily consumption. As part of the cocktail only cheap products sold in almost every store.
Drinking a cocktail, according to the instruction, causes the human body to gain weight quickly and provides results on the second day cocktail reception.

Use ready recipe that is guaranteed and quickly solves the problem with excessive thinness, has helped hundreds of men and women to resolve the issue with her figure, and acquire the appearance, dreamed about!
22.03.2018 23:16:12
29.07.2016 18:18:47
удобно, всё быстренько списалось...
17.04.2016 11:58:21
Товар соответствует описанию, осталось только воспользоваться методикой. Огромная признательность автору.
24.02.2016 12:23:56

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