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Quadrille, heard in one of the best paintings of Soviet cinema (rezh.Vl.Menshov). TWO options! Arrangement simple, comfortable enough (especially in the style of Chet Atkins), sound good. One of the arrangements (the classic style of play) is also included in the collection of the collection "MUSIC national cinema" №4
There are also Waltz from this movie -
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Arrangement for guitarists at primary and secondary level.My performance - (classical style, later will write the second version)
The pdf notes are duplicated tab.In the file could be a watermark and protection from the changes file. If your pdf does not open the file, or improperly printed, please contact me, will help 100%.
Arrangement made with love for good music, and each spent dozens of hours of time (including the development of performance for video recording, etc.)
We kindly request not to spread the purchased arrangements(or typed in another music editor) for free. Please,in public performance,or when transferring to another electronic format - specify the author of the transcriptions. Nice review, good game!
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Все ясно, четко, понятно. Спасибо аранжировщику. Respekt!
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Все хорошо.Товаром и скоростью доставки доволен.Все очень удобно.