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It is unique in its kind script. Given the complexity of manually constructing the angles, we have created a unique script that adapts to any financial instrument and calculates the exclusive right angles. With our build script corners takes a few seconds and will become incredibly easy. With it you can build a whole fan angles, some isolated corners, box 52, 90, 144.

What can this script:

1) correctly calculate the correct angles.
2) Adjust the color of the corners.
3) Color change during operation and storing it.
4) Hiding minor angles.
5) Hiding all fans meshaet.- if not removal.
6) Decrease fans 2 times.
7) Transfer of all fans at the selected point.
8) Turn off text labels angles.
9) Remove all fans (memory 8 fans)
10) For every fan of the independent factor.
11) The range of calculation Coefficient.
12) Build a box of 52
13) Build a box of 90
14) Build a box of 144
15) Build an arbitrary box
16) introduced a function of the angle of the forecast
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