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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$15 the discount is 5%
$30 the discount is 10%
$50 the discount is 25%
$100 the discount is 30%
$500 the discount is 40%
$1000 the discount is 48%
Script shop of digital goods with instant delivery of goods!

The advantages of our script:
+ Created specifically for sale or steam key accounts, PINs, and software, books, and others.
+ Shop supports a wide range of payment options by means of service
+ Immediate delivery of goods immediately after the payment.
+ Ability to sort products by price, alphabetically.
+ Unlimited number of categories and products.
+ Search by product.
+ Excellent design.
+ Ability to earn agency goods.
+ Ability to earn a contextual advertising.
+ Works on any free hosting with support for PHP 5.0
+ Works faster than other scripts.
+ Practice does not take place on the hosting.
+ Easy installation.
+ Excellent indexing by search engines.
+100% Protects your goods!

Why people trust us:
+ We have earned the trust of the people trust us and recommend us since 2012.
+ Individual APPROACH: We advise all of our customers.
+ No intermediaries: All the work we carry out on their own.
+ No risks: Transparent scheme of payment and delivery of orders via Digiseller.
Positive feedback from our customers: hundreds of completed orders and satisfied customers.
+ We have a personal certificate webmoney and BL +179

The script is fully equipped and configured, ready to make a profit immediately after installation!
You only need to upload it to your hosting and your own store is ready!

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Buy our script and start earning right now!
* In order to work you should be registered on
* In the config.php file to configure the agent id and group of products,

// General Settings
$ seller_id = "223849"; - Id agent

All! If you have any problems, please contact us, you will definitely help!

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