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Lesson №44. Introducing the application SolidWorks Simulation (CosmosWorks) as an example ravnopologo corner
In this lesson we will look at the module (application) SolidWorks Simulation (CosmosWorks). This introductory lesson longer, but we will discuss it in a real example of using this application. As part of the study in SolidWorks Simulation will be used ravnopoly steel bracket (Steel 45) ...

In this tutorial we will go through a full cycle of familiarity with tools SolidWorks Simulation (CosmosWorks), to create a detailed report (external) in a document Word.

A little about the use of SolidWorks Simulation (CosmosWorks). SolidWorks Simulation, based on the finite element method, is available in three configurations: the actual SolidWorks Simulation; SolidWorks Simulation Professional; SolidWorks Simulation Premium. However, even in the minimum configuration module provides full strength analysis static analysis, the details and assembly using finite element solid body surfaces and beams. We implemented a variety of contact conditions and all kinds of virtual connectors.
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