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Solution of K2 Option 72: The mechanism consists of a stepped wheels 1-3 meshed or associated belt drive, the toothed rack 4 and the load 5, anchored to the end of thread wound on one of the wheels (Fig. K2.7, Tab. K2 ). Radii stages wheels are respectively equal to the wheel 1 - r1 = 2 cm, R1 = 4 cm, the wheel 2 - r2 = 6 cm, R2 = 8cm, the wheel 3 - r3 - 12 cm, R3 = 16 cm. Rims wheels are the points A, B and C. In the column "given" law of motion of the table is specified, or the law of change of speed driving link mechanism, where the F1 (t) - the law of rotation of the wheel 1, s2 (f) - the motion of the rack 4, w2 (t ) - the variation of the angular velocity of the wheel 2, v5 (t) - the variation of the speed of the load 5, and so on. d. (all p expressed in radians, s - in centimeters, t - in seconds). The positive direction for f and w counterclockwise for s4, s5, and v4, v5 - down. Determine at time t1 = 2 listed in the table in columns "Find" speed (v - linear, w - angle) and acceleration (a - linear, e - angle) of the respective points or bodies (v5 - load velocity and 5 m. d.).
Cразу после оплаты Вы получите ссылку на архив с решением задачи по теоретической механике К2 В72 (рисунок 7 условие 2) из методички Тарг С.М. 1989 года для студентов-заочников машиностроительных, строительных, транспортных, приборостроительных специальностей высших учебных заведений. Задача выполнена в формате word, запакована в архив zip.

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