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After payment, you will be asked to download the archive with the solution of the problem of theoretical mechanics K4. Option 24 (corresponds to Figure 2 condition 4) from the methodology Targ SM. 1989 for students-zaochnikov machine-building, construction, transport, instrument-making specialties of higher educational institutions. The task is in word format, packed into the zip archive.
Solution of the control K4 Option 24. Task for the task K4: A rectangular plate (Figure K4.0-K4.4) or a circular plate of radius R = 60 cm (Figure K4.5-K4.9) rotates about the fixed axis according to the law of physics = F1 (t), given in Table. K4. The positive direction of reading the angle fi is shown in the figures by an arc arrow. In Fig. 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, the axis of rotation is perpendicular to the plane of the plate and passes through point O (the plate rotates in its plane); In Fig. 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 the axis of rotation OO1 lies in the plane of the plate (the plate rotates in space). On the plate along the straight line BD (Fig. 0-4) or along the circle of radius R (Fig. 5-9) the point M moves; The law of relative motion; The dependence s = AM = f2 (t) (s is expressed in centimeters, t is in seconds), is given in the table separately for Fig. 0-4 and for Fig. 5-9; B and l are given there. In all figures, the point M is shown in the position at which s = AM> 0 (for s <0 the point M is on the other side of point A). It is necessary to find the absolute velocity and absolute acceleration of the point M at time t1 = 1 s.
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