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!! WARNING !! To access the content additions have to be set licensed version of the game Dead Space 3 !!

You are asked to purchase a license activation key additions to the game:

Dead Space 3: The Awakening (Awakened Region Free Multilang) to activate in Origin

Genre: Action and FPS

Language: Deutsch, English US, Español España, Français, Italiano, Russian

Platform: PC

Activation: Origin

Release Date: March 12, 2013

Developers: Visceral Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Left to die on Tau Volantis Isaac Clarke and John Carver, is still

one trip. The madness goes on, and they can not trust each other, and even

themselves. Their path leads to the ship "Terra Nova," which became the home of bloody

yunitologov cult. In this, the darkest chapter of the saga Dead Space, the horror reaches

its apogee.


Fight with the awful enemies with a friend. The campaign is a joint or

single-player mode. Rate the quick entry and exit from the multiplayer game.

Explore the new planet and survive in hostile conditions. You are waiting for the underground

the city and additional tasks. Explore the world of ice and look for the abandoned settlement.

Uncover the secrets of the past and take a fascinating journey to save the world.

Find out where are horrific Necromorph and protect the human race from extinction.

Activation code:

1. Download and install Origin. (Http://

2. Start Origin.

3. Select the language and the place where the game is installed.

4. Go to the "Origin-activate the product code."

5. Enter key received after payment.

6. After the game activation tab appears with your profile and the list of activated games.

7. Choose a Battlefield 4 and press "Start".

8. Download and install the game.


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Все отлично,спасибо.++
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Все отлично,спасибо.++
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Очень хороший
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Классный сервис! Все работает!

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