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Homemade device for sharpening hunting knives. The grinding angle is adjusted by changing the height of the platform. Demo video sharpening hunting knives on, sharpening kitchen knives and other households. tool on

Wishes to make an exact copy of the demonstrated device can get the file with the exact dimensions of all component parts.

File nozhetochka chertezhi.pdf (935kb., 15 pages) contains the following information:

-Introduction - 1 page.

-list Of materials - 1 page.

-Chertezhi Component parts to their exact dimensions - 6 p.

-User Assembly - 4 p.

Recommendations of the use of devices - 2 p.

Mark Forums fotoillyustrirovany.


... With an electric sharpener, we can sharply enough to sharpen knives, both hands, and with hard bridge identifies the winepress. But just to sustain the angle across the line of sharpened by these methods is practically impossible. For hunting, souvenir and desirable quality kitchen knives sharpening at exactly the angle sustained. This firstly allows the blade to keep the grinding and cutting to maintain their quality for a longer time in comparison with sharpening "in hand". Secondly, each successive sharpening "with hands" increases the cutting edge bends and its deviation from the original straight line. When sharpening a sustained initial angle straight line cutting edge is maintained. Third, under the sustained sharpening angle retains an attractive appearance of the knife ....
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