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External treatment for the configuration of 1C: Enterprise 7.7 Trade and Warehouse Print price list with barcodes. Pooderzhivaet EAN13 and EAN8 bar codes, the output price list with bar codes is performed in a standard printed form which can be printed or saved in XLS / MXL. To correctly display bar codes must be installed in the system font eanbwrp36tt.ttf (included in the archive to the processing). Immediately after payment you receive the file containing the external processing the print list price barcode format .ert. To use, simply open it to 1C via the menu File-Open ...
Caution This treatment is only for 1C: Enterprise 7.7 and the configuration and Commercial Warehouse Ed. 9.2 (treatment even compatible with older releases, ranging from 7.70.927). By purchasing this product you agree that you understand what a "platform" and "configuration" 1C, and that your system meets the minimum requirements for use of this treatment. In other words, you acknowledge that you have exactly the configuration of 1C 7.7 Trade and Warehouse Ed. 9.2. If you have any questions relating to the operation or installation of this treatment - please contact the seller by any available means of the section "Information on the seller and its products."
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