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New STEAM Shop at CMS Digiseller with admin panel and pattern ALL!

We present you the new engine online store Digiseller CMS!

This is a convenient solution for webmasters who want to organize online store based xml interface digiseller convenient content management.

This version adds online admin panel where you can easily add new pages and news on your website and in admin panel there is a template editor, which means that you can edit your templates, styles, and blocks the site online!

It is also possible to change the pattern directly from the admin panel.

Modules are integrated and automatic feedback sitemap.

References to the created pages are generated automatically by the CNC.

There is a feedback form with confirmation of receipt of the letter and the site administrator with notification of new mail from the site.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Webmaster - it does not matter.

With our engine Digiseller CMS you can easily build a website for the sale of digital goods!

- Admin

- Template for Digiseller CMS is perfect for store accounts Steam, Origin

- Easy installation

- Comfortable and pleasant interface

- The possibility of earning on the sale of banner impressions and contextual advertising

- Excellent search engine indexing

- NC

- Contact form with notification

- Changing the design and editing in the admin

Bought the subsequent update engine CMS Digiseller free!

1. Open the file \\ engine \\ content \\ start.dat in any editor and locate this line:

\u003cscript src=\
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Купил без проблем. Даже с малым опытом установки установил без проблем. Были мелкие вопросы общего плана - продавец ответил сразу. Очень контактный и приятный человек в общении. Рекомендую.
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