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Homemade device for sharpening scissors and secateurs. It can be successfully used in any wine-press with a capacity of 150 watts.

It allows deep enough sharpening scissors and pruning shears, remove nicks and mechanical damage of the cutting edge while maintaining an accurate sharpening angle. One of the major facilities of the device is that it is used in conjunction with abrasive wheels, mounted on the trodden. The knives are sharpened on the abrasive wheel, scissors - to the sanding pad - no need to remove anything and something to put in its place. In addition to sharpening, this unit can be made polished steel, glass, silver and other metals (removal of minor scratches on the glass watches and souvenir knife blades, polishing of silverware, jewelry and jewelry, other items).

According to the proposed drawings, you can order the production of replica of this device in any turner-miller in your area. Made the device is quite simple, the manufacturing cost is extremely low.

Video of sharpening cm. Http://

The proposed file: Homemade device for sharpening nozhnits.pdf 3190 kb 15 p.

This file contains a list of required material, dimensional drawings, photo illustrations, assembly instructions, setup and use.
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