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The book is a wonderful children´s writer Arseny Sedugina ideal for children of preschool age. It includes a short instructive stories about kindness to people, nature and animals, "Light in the Ice", "Please", "Proud Elephant", "water lily", "green eye", "Pro intelligent dog," "Good to be an elephant "" Quietly, "" lights on the other side "," Ladushka "," A glass of birch sap, "" river stones "," Bumblebee and Misha "," Daisies, "" Well, what the dog .. . "," Old Polkan. " "Housewarming - all the fun," "First the woods," "The height", "Funny mustache", "How the kitten shoes break in", "crocodile in the sky", "Scat, Beanie," "Bear and the sparrow" "His own mother "" Lord and hare "," Hard buttons "," starling in blue pants, "" Figure washes "as well as two small cycle of short stories," The boy, the sea and the donkey "and" Vic and Alex. "

In addition, the collection includes tales, "Dr. Solar," "How Santa Claus beard was looking for," "Why a giraffe neck long and short horns," "Snow Cap" and funny poems.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... done a long journey Santa Claus did not rush to not to forget anything. We expand the Santa Claus candy, chocolate, nuts on kulёchkam, so that everyone was equal, and hid all this stuff in the bag. Comb comb his fluffy snow-white beard, he threw the bag over his shoulder, grunted and went on their way ... "Download: Arseny Sedugin. Proud elephant.
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