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You buy Hearthstone Expert Pack Key.

Set of 5 cards to play Blizzard - Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Deck of cards generates a random number, but with a guaranteed yield of at least one rare card!

It works in all areas! (This is a region-free product)

Caution: 1 Heartstone account can activate no more than 15 such codes!

Activation Instructions:

1. Go to

2. Create account or login in yours

3. Enter your KEY into the field

4. From the box cover screen, press the Open Packs button

5. Drag your card pack to the center tray to reveal your new cards!

03.10.2019 15:48:28
быстро и качественно, благодарю, вернусь снова 100%
12.07.2019 9:20:08
Всё норм! Спс!
11.07.2019 17:48:54
It didnt work first time, but after showing proof that it didnt work, he made it work!
19.05.2019 19:32:47
01.04.2019 22:02:14
Все быстро и качественно )

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