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The story of a famous Australian writer living platypus - animals living in Australia. Works by Leslie Reece not only poetic, but also full of interesting, informative material.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... Suddenly Quiet felt her head grows heavy and the whole it is about to explode. Why so? Oh, what a hard head ... u, spinning, spinning! Here Quiet remembered his father´s words: "Do not stay under the water for too long!" Yes, you need to hurry upstairs! Most take a breath! Tikhon swerved all over, tore the beak from the bottom, do not forget to hide the worm´s cheek, and began to climb. She helped the air that was in the lungs. To speed up movement, she worked legs. How long it seemed the way back! She could not be without the air and opened her mouth to breathe, but it gushed water. Wow! Quiet choked, coughed, and the worm, of course, took advantage of this and ran away. But at last it seemed beak above the water. Still choking on Tikhon exhaled from the lungs remaining air and breathed in the fresh ... "Download: Lesley Rees. Quiet. The story of the life of the platypus.
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