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Question 1: What accounts for the specific features of the criminal law?

Question 2. What is included in the contents of criminal-law relationship?

Question 3. Formulate the concept of criminal law.

Question 4: What is the principle of justice in relation to criminal law?

Question 5. What are the two sides of humanism, marked by the Law.

Question 6. What are the most important distinguishing features of the criminal law in Russia.

Question 7: What is studying General of the Russian criminal law?

Question 8. What features has the criminal law?

Question 9. The Criminal Law of the Russian Federation has on its entire territory. What is the law of the Russian Federation defines the limits of this territory?

Question 10. Formulate the definition of qualifying crimes.

Question 11. Why did the murder of law related to the very serious crimes?

Question 12. What is meant by short-term health?

Question 13. What is the subject of a crime in violation of privacy?

Question 14. What are the signs made up the objective side in violation of labor protection rules?

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