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1. For casting parts of cars and a number of machines operating under conditions of dynamic
Loads, use ductile iron. Assign a grade of cast iron, specify the composition, processing,
Structure and mechanical properties.
2. For the manufacture of hot metal-forming dies, steel
5HNT. Specify the composition, designate the heat treatment mode, give its justification,
Explaining the influence of doping on the transformations occurring during the thermal treatment of this
become. Describe the structure and properties of stamps after heat treatment.
3. In the engineering industry, steel ШХ15 is used. Specify the composition and determine the steel group
By appointment. Assign a heat treatment mode and give its justification. Describe
Structure and properties of steel after heat treatment.
4. For the manufacture of certain parts of the internal combustion engine, an alloy
AK2. Specify the composition, the method of manufacturing parts from this alloy and describe the characteristics
Mechanical properties.
5. Describe the mechanism and nature of deformation of polymers in vitreous and viscous flow
States. Specify the scope of the polymers in these states.
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