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1. Assign the mode of heat treatment of springs from steel 65 and give its justification.
Describe the nature of the transformations that occur, the microstructure and properties of steel after
Heat treatment.
2. For the production of plates of high accuracy class, steel 12X1 is chosen. Determine the composition
And the steel group according to their destination. Assign and justify the heat treatment mode by explaining
Effect of doping on the transformation during the heat treatment of this steel. Describe the string
Steel and properties of steel after heat treatment.
3. For the manufacture of parts operating in an oxidizing atmosphere at 800 ° C,
Steel 12H18N9T. Specify the composition, justify the choice of steel for these operating conditions and explain,
For which the chromium is introduced into this steel.
4. AK8 alloy is selected for the manufacture of internal combustion engine parts.
Decipher the composition, specify the method of manufacturing parts from this alloy and
Characteristics of the mechanical properties of the alloy at elevated temperatures.
5. Describe the inorganic materials used in engineering (glass, quartz,
Foam glass and glass enamels).
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