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Despite the abundance of books on the so-called. Internal styles wushu, infrequently among them you can find interesting specimens. If for all sorts of styles of karate, taekwondo or, for example, the struggle of information is a lot, then for the practical application of such still closed systems as syn-and, it has to be collected by bit for all enthusiasts.

The book is a bibliographic rarity. It was published already in 1931 and translated into English relatively recently, in the era of the boom in martial arts. It is difficult to call it a "textbook", rather, it is a treatise on pure, impeccable execution of technology. For beginners, it is unlikely to be useful, rather, it is a reference, reference material for everyone who already has experience of training in internal styles. The book consists of two parts, the first is a basic technique describing the methods of movement, in the second - a relatively small complex, clearly demonstrating the technique described above and its application.
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