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Semi-writing the text S.M.Pokrovskogo "Prut campaign of Peter the Great, undertaken in 1711, as the saying goes, once went wrong ..."

The problem on which to write an essay - What is special about the Russian spirit?

Semi essay is designed to prepare students for independent home 11 classes to compose the Russian language in the format of the exam. Also to be used in preparation for the literary works - admission to the exam.

Semi-composed work plan to meet the criteria of USE: introduction, problems and comments to it, the author´s position, his own opinion, the argument relying on the reader´s experience, the argument relying on experience, conclusion.

Rows of works

"What is the national spirit? What is special about the Russian people? On these issues, which are of interest to this day, and not so much for themselves Russian, but for the members of other peoples of the world, modern writer thinks S.M.Pokrovsky.

Lyricist interested in the question about the peculiarities of the Russian spirit. It analyzes the historical fact that during the Prut campaign, Peter the Great did not think about his own life and was ready to die with the Army ... "

Author - a teacher of Russian language and literature of the highest category - Pomelova GN
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