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The best macros for a good game of Counter Strike! Flumbix pro creator macros CS GO for Bloody and X7, has extensive experience and knowledge 2013 "how to write high-quality macros" for online games! Macro is not a cheat, it´s a good emulation of the movement of the mouse in the game! Good buy and good game!
Before purchasing, carefully review all the information about the product - macros from FlumBix, view screenshots of the content pack on the video or the screenshots quality – accuracy / precision macro! The macros work only for gaming mouse A4TECH & Bloody built-in memory for macros! Macros for A4Tech have the extension *.amc and Bloody *.mgn. If You buy macros for simple or not gaming mouse A4TECH / Bloody, You should be sure on 100% that IN MacrosEffects or another emulator coincides with macros X7 and works correctly on your computer! The suppression of axial recoil in the macro you configured for computers with the current system requirements for games, and is designed for a maximum load in the game and if your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements that are not always actually stated in the description for the games, the macro may not work properly, because in the game you definitely have lag (Lag is the delay in the game), and from FlumBix macros for A4TECH X7 Bloody mouse is handled consistently regardless of the system and lags in the game and so the behavior of the macro does not match the time in the game!

Make sure that your ON Bloody unlocked 3 core or your mouse is A4Tech X7 supports built-in memory for macros and is determined BY the original Oscar Editor and it is very important that you have a widescreen monitor 16:9 / 16:10 or ultra wide monitor 21:9, format 5:4 in some cases, macros may not work correctly and claims after receipt of the goods will not be accepted! All macros from FlumBix tested and checked by the author on different graphics settings and resolution with a widescreen 21:9, 16:9 and 5:4!

Macros and the digital goods as they are subject are not material, are non-refundable, before purchasing, carefully review the accuracy / precision and what is important to be prepared for the fact that the latter in rare cases may slightly vary due to incompatibility of hardware and software of the PC.
Macros from FlumBix written and tested with the following configuration:
• Motherboard: MSI Z97 PC Mate;
• Processor: Intel Core i5-4690К 3500MHz;
• Video card: Zotac AMP! Omega core edition 4Gb GTX 970;
• RAM: HyperX Savage CL9 8Gbx2 1600MHz - 16Gb Dual-Channel;
• Storage: Western Digital Caviar Black 1000Tb;
• Power supply: Aerocool Stryke X 600 80+ Bronze 600W;
• Case: Aerocool Stryke X Coupe ATX;
• Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8.1 x64 single language;
• Mouse A4TECH F3 V-Track, the polling rate / 1Ms MRR 1000MHz;
• V8M Bloody mouse Core3 Activated version, MRR 1000MHz 1Ms, Bloody4 2013.08.30;
• Monitor LG LG 25UM57-P IPS 2560x1080 5ms;
• Monitor SAMSUNG SyncMaster 931c 2ms 1280x1024.

Macros from FlumBix on the marketplace for actual use! When you see the problem with the setup, email me! When applying be sure to send me screenshots of the settings and screenshots of bullet marks on the wall where I can see the offense return and be ready to install the program remotely configure the macro via TeamViewer Write to me strictly through to login to use mail through which you bought the macro set!
Video demonstration Great pack with new soft macros with perfect control on 30 shots, a soft macro is a softening of the vibration of the screen. Warning - the game randomly returns, recorded on video the best moments! The accuracy of a macro increases in the sitting position, as in game the that the accuracy increases sitting! Keep in mind when comparing macros work that most of the screenshots and demos recorded in the sitting position! For the correct installation and precise adjustment of the macro in the game carefully read / review the instructions and strictly follow the recommendations. All given in the archive macros checked, double checked and do not forget to carefully and properly configured! In case of not work correctly, before you contact me, please kindly double check the settings config, at least, get my config (see attached macros)! In the case of appeals for help, describe in detail the problem, send the config config.cfg and a screenshot of the shooting on the wall, but preferably video!

Macros written in SETTINGS - keyboard/mouse: "Mouse Sensitivity" - 4.99 , "Zoom Sensitivity" - 1, "Raw Input" ON, "Mouse Acceleration" OFF.
The commands for the console commands: sensitivity "4.99" , zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse "1.0" , m_rawinput "1" , m_customaccel "0"

Guides for installing and setting up macros Details on the mice here
For owners of mice to Bloody macros are working since version V2013 Bloody4.AT 0830D Bloody Bloody 4 and 5 download and update here
Oscar Mouse Editor, you can download and update here -
There are questions write

Abbreviation for the macro:
RapidFire - rapid-fire macro without delays
Left.Button - rapid-fire macro without delays for the left button mouse A4TECH X7
SingleFire - accurate shots with the loss of rate of fire, without pulling the crosshair down
BurstFire - cut off, without removing the sight down
AutoSit - ducking before shot + increased shooting precision
Soft - macros with a decrease in shaking, only reduces the axial vibration of the adjustments

In case of not work correctly, before you contact me, please kindly double check the settings config!
In the case of appeals for help, describe in detail the problem, send the config.cfg, screenshot shooting on the wall, but preferably video!

Flumbix expert in macros for Counter-Strike!
Flumbix first developed accuracy macros for CS:GO full no recoil RapidFire, shooting tapping - SingleFire or Tapping, macros shoot-off or return of the crosshair (sight) in the beginning - BurstFire and last a good development of macro AutoSit with automatic duck before firing without loss of accuracy and increase the accuracy due to the sitting position! Flumbix pioneer in the macro Counter-Strike for a good game!
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