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We continue to simulate a futuristic furniture program SolidWorks. In this tutorial, we´re a little complicate the problem and learn to cope if the SolidWorks software with the "nut". The main question is: to choose the right and easy insttumentary to accomplish the task. In this tutorial, we´ll use a lot of non-standard instruments, the main task of becoming a SolidWorks on "you". In SolidWorks, a lot of tools, which does not lie in a prominent place, but sometimes it becomes very necessary. This chair is the case. In general, look everyone in the class ...
Lesson Synopsis №72

Sketching Profile armchairs
Building envelope surface
Sketching layers. Tips and tricks
Simulation layers. The final layers (rails)
Mirror layers
Create an assembly of layers
Creation of specifications and drawings (surfactants)
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