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The monograph has formulated "General paradigm of information protection" (hereinafter - Paradigm) and the corresponding "General Law of Information Security". The full scope of information storage media interaction has been considered. This allowed maximum approximation to the real assessment of the situation surrounding such complex issues of our days as:
- The reason for ineffective actions of secret services during unauthorized access of the USA National Security Agency (NSA) attacks on the confidential information of world´s heads of governments in 2013 and the subsequent NSA "failure", which became a "victim" of its own system administrator Edward Snowden.
- Impunity for breaches of negotiations confidentiality of the Ukrainian President L.D. Kuchma from 1996 to 2000 with the direct participation of the head of the technical operations unit of the State Safety Department Mykola Melnichenko, and others.
The Paradigm has adjusted wordings for technical channels of information leakage, and the phrase "propagation medium" has been cleared out of senseless interpretation. It has been filled in with a variety of real storage media with their security "adequateness and communicability."
It is shown that there is a possibility of implementation the pioneering method of intentional information modification (for example, continuous signal) and its consecutive restoration at the receiving side. In addition, the important role is given to such an action as disinformation.
A new trend in the science of information security - kryptosensorics - is being crystallized here. The word "kryptosensorics" consists of two words: the Greek word "kryptos" - secret, hidden, and the Ukrainian word "sens" - meaning. Kryptosensorics is an offshoot of a new cryptology generation. Integral equations are introduced as alternative to algebraic methodology there. It is advisable to apply it in a logical chain with cryptography and steganography. It is shown that at the present time, it is feasible to create a system of global acoustic control of the acoustic signals over forests in the mountain gorges, swampy terrain, and other hard-to-reach places.The issues of increasing the efficiency of the rectenna (Eng. rectifyingantenna - rectifying antenna), controlled absorbing and reflecting coatings and other elements of confidential information technical protection systems were touched.
We can also point out a number of new scientific fields, the starting point for which is the Paradigm, and "General Law of Information Security" resulting from it.
Among the negative factors we should point out jargon phrase "photon length" used in the monograph and several incorrect arguments about "Cauchy problem" noted by G.N.Zholtkevich, Doctor of Engineering Science, the dean of the Mechanics and Mathematics Department.
The author is grateful for comments to be taken into account, and the second edition of the monograph will be adjusted and supplemented.
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