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Option 38
1. On products of steel 15, it is required to obtain a surface layer of high hardness.
Provide justification for choosing the method of chemical-thermal treatment, describe its technology and
Structure of the product after the final heat treatment.
2. As a result of heat treatment, the springs should receive high elasticity. For
Manufacture of their chosen steel 60S2VA. Specify the composition, assign a heat treatment mode,
Give its justification. Describe the microstructure and properties of the spring after thermal
3. Alloys based on titanium are used for the cladding of high-speed aircraft. Justify
The reasons for using these alloys in place of aluminum. Give examples of titanium alloys and
Compare their mechanical characteristics with the characteristics of aluminum alloys at
Temperature 200 ... 500 ° С.
4. Brass L96 is used for the manufacture of parts by deep drawing. Please specify
Composition, describe the structure of the alloy and assign a mode of intermediate heat treatment,
Apply between the individual drawing operations, justify the selected mode. Give
General characteristics of the mechanical properties of the alloy.
5. Advantages and disadvantages of adhesive joints of plastics. Methods of control.
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