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Valentine Lefterova
                                          DIALOGUES WITH SON
                         / The experience of psychological portrait of the child /
(Full version)

UDC 882
BBK 84 (2Ros Rus) 6-5
        A 53

                          Making S.A.Vorobёva
                       Photo from the personal archive of the author
                              Author´s address on the Internet:

             Lefterova VG
A 53 Dialogues with his son. The experience of psychological portrait of the child. - M., Publishing House of the ... 2009
             - ... A., 1l. PORTRAIT.
             ISBN 5-699-00245-6
                  This book - the first edition of the author´s prose. A journalist by profession, a writer by vocation, VG Lefterova more than thirty years, was printed in the periodical press in many cities of the country, at the same time wrote poems, short stories, essays and plays. Many of them are published for the first time and in 2001-2008 GG in the youth, literary and artistic, educational magazine suburbs "experiment."
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