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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 5%
$100 the discount is 10%
$500 the discount is 12%
$1000 the discount is 20%
After the purchase, you will receive data to enter the minecraft.net website (no access to mail)
You can:
- CHANGE SKIN </ delivery> </ attention>

Game description:
Minecraft is an indie game in the genre of sandbox with elements of survival and open world. In style, the game world consists entirely of blocks (landscape, objects, mobs, player), and textures with low resolution (16 × 16 texels) are used for texturing. The gameplay in the game is simple - players get resources to build houses, castles and entire cities. There are practically no restrictions in Minecraft, except for the height of the level - otherwise the players are free to create whatever they want.deliveryattentionHow to change NIC:
1. Go to the site http://mojang.com
2. Look at the line Minecraft
3. We can see the button "Change"
4. Enter your new nickname.
How to change the SKIN:
1. Go to the site http://minecraft.net
2. We pass authorization using the data we bought
3. Then in the upper right corner click on your login
4. Select the item "PROFILE"
5. We see the line with the choice of skin - choose the skin.
6. Click on the button below "Reset skin" </ delivery> </ attention>

What gives "Minecraft Premium":
• Premium is needed in order to get a licensed version of Minecraft;
• Ability to put yourself a skin (this is how the player will look in the game);
• Ability to play on Premium servers (there are very few such);
• Ability to play on MineZ servers (http://www.minez.net);
• Ability to go to the server, even if it is full.
• When logging in to the server there is no "Try after 3 seconds";
• At death, the inventory is not emptied;
Bought goods can not be returned. A replacement is possible, if you provide the reasons for this (non-working data, blocked account)
- Threats, blackmail, insult towards the seller in correspondence - blocking your further purchases and complaining about you to the administration
- Manibex is provided if you have proven yourself right, but the seller does not have a replacement that corresponds to the description of the purchased goods
- If there are complaints about the quality of the purchased goods, you must inform the seller immediately after purchase. Later claims are not considered
- All products are checked daily and the chance to get a non-working product is negligible!Our other products:

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Хороший продавец и отзывчивый!
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Топ продавец крч,заменили 2 раза,топ просто!

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