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$28 / Filelist / FL – is the most popular private Romanian tracker of general direction. Currently the resource has great base – over 60k active torrents and over 300k users! Among the fine features you will find out that speeds are great and there are many old torrents for more than 4 years old. Requires are quite simple, all they ask for is to keep a good ratio. All their torrents are well seeding, have at least 100-200 snatches, the popular ones have over 10k snatches and the best ones have over 100k snatches. Also most of their torrents are unrared and all torrents over 4Gb are freeleech (except adult section) so keeping a good ratio is very easy for anybody.
After payment you will get a 16-digit code that must tell me. After that, you will be sent an invite to the postal address given in payment.
Delivery is usually within 2-3 hours, maximum - during the day.
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