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The main difference from the standard notification platform is that it sends the customer an e-mail.
This script will be convenient for those who conducts customer base, and all the information about the purchase will be taken from the e-mail messages without entering personal cabinet ..
IMPORTANT: The script installed on the hosting with support php

The script conforms to a design ballpen trading platform:

GET-request: to line the following values ​​will be added to the parameters:

id_i = {ID_I} & id_d = {ID_D} & amount = {AMOUNT} & curr = {CURRENCY} & date = {DATE} & email = {EMAIL} & sha256 = {SHA256} & through = {THROUGH}

POST-search: parameters are passed to the JSON-formatted in the body of the request:

{ "ID_I": {ID_I}, "ID_D": {ID_D}, "Amount": {AMOUNT}, "Currency": {CURRENCY}, "Email": {EMAIL}, "Date": {DATE}, " SHA256 ": {SHA256}," Through ": {THROUGH}}

{ID_I} - account number
{ID_D} - the product ID
{AMOUNT} - successful bid price
{CURRENCY} - buying currency (WMZ | WMR | WMU | WME)
{EMAIL} - email buyer
{DATE} - date of purchase
{SHA256} - hash of a string consisting of your password in lowercase, the account number and the product ID through the ";"
{THROUGH} - base64-encoded string containing a set of parameters further transmitted from your site to the page payment. The parameters can carry a User ID, the values ​​for the conversion tracking payments, etc.
After base64_decode, the line will look something like this: "param1 = value & param2 = value2 & ..."

It represents a file in the language php for the sale of the notifications from the Marketplace the installation instructions.
In the absence of hosting you may placement acquired the script on my hosting.
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