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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

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$70 the discount is 7%
$100 the discount is 10%
$1000 the discount is 15%
$3000 the discount is 20%
⭐Battlefield 1 "They will not pass" *: hardened veterans of the French army bravely defend their homeland.
⭐Battlefield ™ 1 "In the Name of the King": find yourself on the largest front of the First World War together with the Russian army.
⭐Battlefield 1 "Waves of Change": Participate in the amphibious operations of the First World War.
⭐Battlefield 1 "Apocalypse": go to victory at any cost in the most notorious battles of the First World War.

After buying the goods, you will receive BATTLEFIELD 1 ULTIMATE OR Battlefield 1 + PREMIUM + SECRET
1. You get an account with the licensed game ORIGIN in the form of: email: password | SECRET
2. The data will be displayed in the browser window and the copy will come to your E-Mail automatically after your payment.
3. No access to the mail

Interface and subtitle language: Russian

24.09.2018 22:02:06
password is expired i dont connect the account :(
24.09.2018 22:01:32
thanks for customer service
24.09.2018 16:32:28
купил вчера в 22 00 . акк не рабочий. отписал в переписку с продавцом до сих пор нет ответа.
посоны не покупайте разводит на сотку тем что просит видео на заведомо не рабочие акки
24.09.2018 12:35:50
Купил акк сменил пароль, секретний вопрос, никнейм, после 1 дняі украли супер
23.09.2018 20:16:38
Пока что все хорошо, надеюсь ничего не изменится

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