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2 essays of the Unified State Exam by Y.Yakovlev´s text "1) We are tourists. 2) Everywhere blow your nose. "
The compositions are intended for independent home preparation of 11th grade students for writing in the Russian language in the USE format. Information can also be used to prepare for a literary composition - admission to the USE.
The essays are written according to the plan that meets the USE criteria: introduction, problem and comments to it, author´s position, argument (reader´s experience), argument (life experience), conclusion.
2 problems on which 2 essays are written: 1) the role of the teacher in society 2) historical memory

The source text is attached.
The volume of the composition is more than 150 words.
The author-compiler is the teacher of the Russian language and literature of the highest category - Pomelova GN.
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