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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$30 the discount is 3%
$70 the discount is 7%
$100 the discount is 10%
$1000 the discount is 15%
$3000 the discount is 20%
In connection with the frequent cases of attempts of deceit from the buyers, I URGENTLY recommend you to record video from the moment of purchase of the goods and the moment of its verification! (You can hide your personal information on the video.)
If you do not have a recording program, I recommend using a phone or Bandicam program that you can download on the official site for free (
In the absence of this video from the buyer, CLAIMS DO NOT BE ACCEPTED!
Please keep the video for at least 3 days.
Do not agree please do not buy this product.
Warranty for 1 month
⭐Resolding of this product is prohibited, for any fact of resale you lose the warranty </ attention>

After buying the goods you get BATTLEFIELD 1 + SECRET
1. You get an account with the licensed game ORIGIN in the form: email: password | SECRET
2. The data will be displayed in the browser window and the copy will come to your E-Mail automatically after your payment.
3. No access to the mailAccess to the secret question:
1. The answer to the secret question to this product is provided (if it is installed then it is listed in the product after the password or if not installed at all)
What is the answer to the security question?
- Change of all data (mail, password, nickname)
Warranty for 1 monthInterface and subtitle language: English
1. First of all, do not worry and write negative reviews.
2. Write to us by going to the site:
3. In the "My purchases" section, authorize, purchase "Battlefield 1".
4. No refunds - just a replacement.
5. Open the tab: "Correspondence", describe the problem and we will help you.
6. The seller will reply to your message within 1-24 hours.
7. Insult in communication is not permissible and deprives the product warranty, wait for an answer and the problem will be solved as soon as possible/delivery
22.06.2018 12:14:36
Не подошел пароль, а другой аккаунт не предоставляет.
18.06.2018 17:32:58
15.06.2018 23:58:17
Хороший продавец быстро заменил данные.
12.06.2018 11:27:08
the account received
04.06.2018 12:41:11

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