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Carlos Castaneda - The Teachings Of Don Juan. The Yaqui Indians book first."The teachings of don Juan: the Path of knowledge of the Yaquis" (eng. The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge) is the first work of Carlos Castaneda, published in 1968. Describes the initial period of study of the author (1960-1965) Juan Matus, the shaman, the Indian tribe Yaqui. The book was written as a master thesis in anthropology. The accuracy of the facts described in this and subsequent books, Castaneda has been discussed since the moment of their publication.
The book starts with a fun author-anthropologist, University of California — Indian don Juan in the summer of 1960 at a bus stop in Arizona. The reason for Dating was the interest in medicinal plants, especially patam. Later it turned out that don Juan is a native of Mexico (Sonora) belongs to the Yaqui tribe and was born in 1891. After a year of Dating don Juan told Carlos that he has secret knowledge and he has chosen Carlos as his disciple. Don Juan intrigued by his student the story of the mysterious diablero — the magicians.

Carlos has collected considerable material from the words of don Juan, but realized that the only path of wisdom — the experience of reality with the aid of hallucinogenic plants. This path leads to the attainment of Power, which can be "allies" (the sources of strength and assistants). The conversations were held in Spanish as don Juan did not know English. One day after eating peyote in the hotel don Juan Carlos saw the ghostly black dog that embodied a higher power Mescalito. Don Juan assures Carlos that true knowledge begins with fear. This knowing is like a warrior: fear, awe and determination to own his heart. One day in November 1961, Carlos discovers don Juan´s injured, and he notices that it is the result of the attempt on his life witches La Catalina. In this episode an Indian talks about the difference between Mescalito and "allies". The first and only the teacher, but not the defender, and the second Vice versa. Further, he says about 4 the dangers of "human knowledge", which are Fear, Clarity, Power and old Age.

Also, don Juan describes a 4-day Baotou ceremony, the stages of which are called sessions. They are attended by 6 people: 2 senior and 4 youth. They are called peyoteros. Receiving drugs alternated chants. The ceremony also served women who have served the participants of the ceremony the water. At the end of the ceremony, Carlos saw Pautova field of glowing cacti appeared and asked the spirit some questions: do I do that? on correct I ways? what do I do? Lesson Mescalito was the fact that man is doomed to live in the world of men against their will and cannot leave.

In 1965, Carlos describes his transformation into a crow and wondered how it was real, to which don Juan replies that the question is meaningless. In September of that year, Carlos suffered a mental breakdown, which don Juan described as "loss of soul". The essence of the disorder was panic terror before the sounds. For the cure of souls had to find the kidnapper and fight him. This kidnapper was a diablero. During the fight, the "soul Stealer" took the form of a don Juan. In the conclusion of the book, don Juan tells Carlos about the crack between the worlds.
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