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Separate reality (eng. A Separate Reality) — the second book of Carlos Castaneda, published by Simon & Schuster in 1971. The book describes the continuation of the apprenticeship, Castaneda (1968 to 1971) don Juan, Mexican shaman of the Yaqui. According to statements of Castaneda´s book is a description of real events, but this fact is questioned by some readers.

As in the first book "the Teachings of don Juan" Castaneda describes his feelings under the influence of psychotropic plants, offered to him by don Juan: peyote (Lophophora williamsii) and the Smoking mixture, which according to Castaneda, were dried mushrooms of the genus Psilocybe. The basic idea, which is the subject of the book is the attempt of don Juan to force him to "see". Castaneda describes "the vision" as a way to "perceive energy as it flows in the universe."
The book consists of an introduction, an epilogue and two separate parts. In the first part, which is called "preparing for the vision," Castaneda describes his re-initiation in learning, which he left in late 1965. The reader also meets another shaman, a friend of don Juan — don Genaro. In the second part of the book describe in more detail the mental processes associated with "vision", which, as begins to understand Castaneda, can only come through the use of plants. However, as don Juan Matus said to Carlos: the plants were only a way to "undermine" his assemblage point, so as a result of his "stupidity" we had to resort to their help.
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