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Tales of power (eng. Tales of Power) — the fourth book of Carlos Castaneda first published in 1974. The book describes the final period of apprenticeship, Castaneda don Juan, Mexican shaman of the Yaqui. According to statements of Castaneda´s book is a description of real events, but this fact is questioned by some readers and the scientific community.
The book consists of three parts. In the first part, which is called "the Witness of the action of force," Castaneda fall 1971 comes to don Juan after a few months break. He teaches Castaneda to go into a state of altered consciousness by stopping the internal dialogue, that is, the complete cessation of thought. Carlos also learns that shamans are able to be in two places at the same time, developing his double called a double.

In the second part of don Juan, sitting at one of the restaurants of Mexico, says Carlos: "I´m going to tell you about the tonal and the nagual". Castaneda had some knowledge of the usual meaning of those terms where the first is the guardian spirit and the second animal in which addresses a witch. But don Juan said that the two sides of man. Tonal is a "public person", "promoter of peace", "that´s all we are." The tonal can be personal and collective. The nagual", where strength resides"

At the end of the book don Juan Castaneda declares that his period of apprenticeship over, and don Juan himself and the other shaman, don Genaro, say goodbye to Carlos.
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