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$140 / Karagarga / KG - is the largest private tracker dedicated to the art-house films in the original language of the best film-directors in this field. This category includes movies not for profit, sometimes self-made films as well as films made by young film studios. It is a retro tracker which specializes in older media content, primarily classic film industry, foreign, art, indie, alternative, rare, and generally non-mainstream productions. Also you can find an large amount of literature and older musicals, recent, and even the latest date, a variety of genres and almost all of the relevant authors of they time.
It is usually contrasted with the so-called "Hollywood movies". Differences art-house films from commercial entertainment can be very different, and are usually described in subjective terms and concepts. Karagarga considered the best art-house tracker. To get on it is very difficult and prestigious.

The site contains the categories: Art House, HD/1080p, DVDR, HD, Discography, Old Movie, Movie, Music, Literature, and others.

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