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Uploaded: 26.02.2019

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After purchasing the product Battlefield 4 PREMIUM + Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition (You get an account which is guaranteed to be these two games)
1. You get an account with the licensed game ORIGIN in the form: email: password
2. The data will be displayed in the browser window and a copy will come to your E-MAIL automatically after your payment.
3. Access to mail is not provided.
4. Resale of goods is prohibited.
5. 2 month warranty
6. Data change is prohibited

Language and Subtitle Language: English
Language voice English

16.03.2019 15:48:49
Пока что все гуд
16.03.2019 12:54:15
всё оперативно и качественно
11.03.2019 16:04:59
Bought the item, got an account, it was being used by someone else. Got another account and it was being used by someone else again. Wouldn´t recommend this even for a low price.
07.03.2019 14:22:40
все отлично! Советую продавца. Буду пы таться чекнуть почту. Нужно поменять все. Спасибо !
25.02.2019 6:49:33
All worked great!

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