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A set of tuning firmware for cars LADA KALINA with engine VAZ-21114 (81 hp) 1.6L 8V
Equipped with engine control units ITELMA M74 11183-1411020-52
For installation instead of firmware I444CB02, I444CC03, I444CD04, I444CE06, I444CE07, I444CE08, I444CI07
In the folder TUN kit Lada Kalina 1.6L 8V 11183-1411020-52 M74 I444CI07 TUN with firmware:

1) I444CI07 E2-ORI *
2) I444CI07 TUN *
3) I444CI07 E2-TUN *

In the folder IMMO OFF firmware cleared from the immobilizer.
In the folder GBO two mode firmware for gas equipment.

* Decoding of firmware designations
** All firmwares are run on many cars and deserve only positive reviews.
*** Within 30 days after purchase. You can order a free adjustment of the firmware for your individual requirements.
To do this, you need to download the correct firmware via the form
**** As a bonus of the firmware analogues of other calibers (BONUS folder)
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