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The report is intended to provide information on the roles used in the configuration, the assignment of rights and roles to users, for the convenience of assigning roles to users.
The report provides the following information:
1. Which user has what rights to the configuration objects.
2. What roles are assigned to each user.
3. Which users are assigned a certain role.
4. What are the rights of users to objects.
5. What roles give access to objects.
The report is intended for use in the "Normal application" mode. To run 1C: Enterprise in the mode of the normal application (for example, for the configurations of the Enterprise Accounting Edition 3.0, the Administration of Trade Edition 11), it is necessary in the configurator mode in the "Tools" menu - "Options" on the "Start 1C: Enterprise", "Basic" tab In the "Application" area, switch to the "Thick client (normal application)" position.
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