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The book "Debut encyclopedia on Russian checkers with the draw of initial moves and standard positions", the authors of the book: V.F. Naumik and I.V.Parchuk.
This is the second book of the same authors from the series of debut encyclopedias, in which the positions in Russian checkers arising from the initial placement in compulsory order (by changing the position of some drafts or performing the first moves determined by lot) are considered. The book also provides an analysis of important and frequently occurring positions (marked in the book as "standard positions").
The material of the book is divided into the following chapters:
Chapter 1. Debuts with the draw of the initial moves.
This includes debuts from the 1st part of the official draw table of the initial moves and positions of the FMJD (FMJD), are systematized according to seven classes determined by the first move of whites in the initial set-up:
1. a3-b4 - 30 positions,
1. c3-b4 - 20 positions,
1. c3-d4 - 20 positions,
1. e3-d4 - 14 positions,
1. e3-f4 - 16 positions,
1. g3-f4 - 5 positions,
1. g3-h4 - 19 positions.
The estimation and analysis of all emerging 124 positions is given.
Chapter 2. Some debuts from flying checkers:
Updated debut analysis g3d4 d6a5
Updated debut analysis a3a5 f6a3
Standard positions from many debuts of flying checkers.
Chapter 3. Classical positions: 7 positions.
Chapter 4. Positions with locked checkers: 14 positions.
Chapter 5. Gambit positions with three checkers on the big road: 10 positions.
Chapter 6. Important Gambit Positions: 23 positions.
Chapter 7. Tasks for independent decision: 18 positions with solutions.
Thus, the book contains valuable information not only on the positions emerging from debuts with forced draw of the first moves, but also on other positions that are most important for practical play in Russian drafts according to the usual rules.
For the convenience of mastering the material, the book notes the coincidence of positions emerging from various debuts, including those from classical debuts and debuts played out according to the rules of "flying checkers".
The book was published more recently - April 7, 2015 with a circulation of 50 copies and is a unique reference book on Russian drafts.
Starting from April 16, 2015, the book is available for order in the online store

"The debut encyclopedia on Russian checkers with the draw of the initial moves and standard positions" will be interesting and useful for the chasseurs of any qualification playing in competitions with the draw of the initial moves and positions, as well as those who prefer the classic Russian checkers.
18.06.2018 22:54:28
Все в порядке. Скачал 2 том дебютная энциклопедия .спасибо.

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