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Original SKYPE voucher $ 10 for credit on
Suitable for Skype accounts opened in any country, currency, including administrators.

1. Log in to
2. In the "Payments and settlements" section of your account, select "Voucher", or go to:
3. Enter the 25-character code of the voucher, and click "Use Voucher."
4. Your account is replenished.

After each purchase, please leave feedback "Good." This will allow us to keep low prices. In case of problems with the purchase, do not rush to put "Poor" - contact us.
22.01.2019 18:11:56
все норм)
06.01.2019 14:23:03
Отлично, работает, моментально.
04.12.2018 15:27:33
все норм)
14.11.2018 16:55:21
05.11.2018 16:23:55
Сэнк ю вери мач

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