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Casseroles are among the most favourite and easy to prepare dishes. Baked in the oven, slow cooker or microwave for a hearty and delicious casserole will retain maximum vitamins and save time. Meat and offal, fresh or tinned fish, cheese, fresh or frozen vegetables and mushrooms, fruits and nuts – the book contains nearly 700 of the best recipes. English pudding, French gratin, Italian lasagna, Greek moussaka or the Russian lapshevnik – you can cook browned the casserole as a main dish or mouth-watering dessert for lunch and dinner, and one of them is sure to become your signature dish!
• Hearty casserole of pork with eggplant and zucchini
• Delicate casserole of Turkey with rice
• Christmas meat pudding
• Fried sea bass, rice and apples
• Casserole of butter in cream sauce under a cheese crust
• Pumpkin pudding and red beans in a spicy breading
• Lasagna with chicken and ham
• Baked pears with cottage cheese and almonds
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