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The device allows you to cheaply and accurately sharpen knives and scissors withstanding the exact angles of sharpening. The device is easy to use and practically free of wear and tear. The proposed information package will allow you not only to manufacture such a device for yourself, but also to manufacture such devices for sale by placing photos included in the package on their pages in social networks. To manufacture such a device, you need to cut out the details of the plywood from the acquired files by the laser. You can ask in the search for "laser cutting of plywood in ... (your region)" and find out who can do it near you and at what price. Next, you glue the parts with glue according to the attached instructions and get the operating device.

The proposed information package includes:
- files for laser cutting of all necessary details (.cdr, .dxf, .plt, .kod), instruction on their assembly (.doc).
- photos for posting on your pages for accepting orders from customers.
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