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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$50 the discount is 4%
$100 the discount is 6%
$200 the discount is 9%
$500 the discount is 13%
Guaranteed data recovery account. Change mail, password, nickname, skin at the time of purchase, do not have to wait 30 days.By purchasing an account from other sellers for 150 rubles, you do not get access to mail.
We give you access to your account mail (On the Mail.RU service)!
This means that you can change Email / Password / Nick / Skin to your own.
And do not be afraid that someone will steal your account from you.

📌Changing the nickname to any desired
📌Receive a new skin
📧 Full account control📧
📌 The unique password that you set
📌 The unique secret question that you are setting

🛡️Change your account within 15 days from the date of payment
🛡️Help with any question about the product

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💎💎💎How to use the issued product💎💎💎
📌 Log in to the account using the received data on the official website
📌 Download the game client.
📌 Enjoy the game.

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