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The total duration of this course is about 2 hours. The course creates a track from scratch in FL Studio (Future Bass). Details are told all the necessary information, in order to create your own tracks in this style. The track that was created in the course can be listened here
The cost of the course is from 69 rubles, but you can specify any amount that you think is necessary. I would be very grateful if you would evaluate my work for its worth, after all over each of the courses I worked for more than one day and tried to explain all the information as clearly as possible. In the archive there is a document with links to downloading the course and other necessary information.
12.04.2018 19:29:39
Спасибо вам огромное,! Я узнал очень много нового из ваших курсов и мои треки зазвучали по-новому. Искренне желаю вам удачи и процветания! С уважением, Петр.
30.01.2018 15:34:18
18.12.2017 19:56:27
Все хорошо,получил курс,начинаю учится)