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The reset code for the diaper for Epson and Canon inkjet printers.
The code is needed when resetting the diaper of Epson inkjet printers using the free PrintHelp program.
Find the model of your printer in the list of supported models in PrintHelp.
Connect the printer and click the Test Work button.
If the values ​​of any of the counters are greater than 100%, you need to do a reset.
To do this, click the Run Reset button.
If the model of your printer is new enough, you may need to enter the Reset code, which you can buy here instantly and receive it by email immediately after payment in any convenient way.
If your printer is old then the counters will reset without entering a reset code.
There are questions about resetting the diaper - ask on the website of the program PrintHelp
The Reset code has no expiration date - i.e. it can be used in a year after purchase.
The Reset code is designed for one reset. One code is one reset.
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