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Convincing request: in case of problems after purchasing an account, please write to the "Сhat with seller" tab on the websiteAfter purchase, you will receive an account Origin of the form login@mail:password + answer to the secret questionSTAR WARS Battlefront II (standard) ⭐️ENG⭐️attentionThis account has a warranty! In case of problems with the input, a replacement is made for a similar/attention✅ On this account there is a change of data and mail by means of the secret question
✅ The game is set to English
✅ Other games may also be present on the account/delivery
After purchase:
1) Log in Origin client (Download client can be official website
2) Make sure the game is on your account
3) Go to the menu "EA Account and Billing"
4) In the "About Me" and "Security" tab, change the password and other data using the answer to the security question
5) Download the game and enjoy
6) If, after a lapse of time, the account stops working, write to the "Сhat with seller" tab on the website

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21.06.2018 16:38:08
very helpful thanks
15.06.2018 12:53:47
good seller
13.06.2018 3:45:51
nice seller
13.06.2018 3:30:55
12.06.2018 11:35:16
nice seller

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